Why Emmaus? 

Emmaus at Christ the King is a place where every disciple of Christ of every age can come and grow deeper in their Catholic faith and deeper in fellowship with their church community.

In the Gospel of Luke 24:13-35, we see two men walking the road to Emmaus, discussing the Passion of Jesus, Suddenly, Jesus appears to them, yet they do not recognize Him. As they walk and talk, Jesus explains the Scriptures to them and “their hearts burn within them” as he speaks. At the end of the journey, in the breaking of the bread, they recognize Jesus, only to have Him vanish. Immediately, they run out and share their encounter with the risen Lord.

Our vision for Emmaus is captured in this Scripture; that we would walk together, discuss Scripture, encounter Jesus, and share what we have learned so that we are “forming into missionary disciples.”   

 Who is Emmaus for? 
Emmaus is for every stage of life and generation. Whether you are single, married, young, or "wise beyond years" you are welcome with open arms to fellowship and strengthen your faith with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 

These events are for parishioners of all ages! Children attending must be accompanied by an adult. Students in grades PK-8 meet in classes, divided by grade level.

Adults gather separately, for a lecture and discussion-based program, where they are encouraged and equipped. This adult, continuing education component is key to the transmission of the Catholic faith in the home and in our world

Participants Attend ONE Session Per Month
Friday, Saturday or Sunday



Adult, Youth, Young Adult Faith Formation
Haley Seward 

Children's Faith Formation
Sophie Dytewski


Fridays - 5:30-8:00PM 
Saturdays - 5:15-8:00PM
Sundays - 12:15-2:45PM


Activity Center
72 South Main St
Concord NH 03301